I Like My ADT Plan

I wanted to find out more information on the pricing for ADT home security systems. I went to the website of a local dealer, and I was happy to find that I could just click here on one part of the site to go to a page that was just about pricing and the various plans that are offered to people who want to add another layer of protection and security to their homes. They have five different packages, ranging from the lowest cost called Essentials to the highest cost called Premium Protection. The really cool thing about these particular two is the difference is less than 20 dollars a month between them.

All of the plans offer basic coverage. This includes ADT monitoring, a digital keypad, three contacts for entry ways, a keychain fob, and more. They even include protection against pets who may set off an alarm when no one else is home. One of the more basic features of all the plans is the signs and decals that go in the yard and windows. I definitely wanted people to know that I have a security system because that is going to be a huge deterrent right there.

After looking through all the plans, I decided to get the Premium Protection because I wanted to have access to everything with my mobile phone too. I am not home a lot during certain times of the month, and I wanted to be able to see what is happening there when I am hundreds of miles away in a hotel room. I also can have an event history with this level of protection along with email and text notifications should something occur. It just fit my lifestyle the best, which is the reason it is the one that I have now. I have no complaints whatsoever with it!