3 Reasons You Should be Using Cloud Computing

If turning your business into the highest rated internet fuss right now would do your business good then jump in and turn your simple business into a well-known downloadable application. In the pinnacle of businesses being sported on the internet—either as a website, a blog or an application-the internet provides business a cheaper way of marketing their products and services to an unlimited list of users and future customers.

Cloud technology is the main tool to jumpstart your business online, and there are many examples of this. Well known global fashion house Hugo Boss explored this potential, and the cost savings associated with moving their infrastructure to cloud meant they were able to fund a significant chunk of their next foray, Hugo Boss watches. From applications to data centres, cloud technology is the base for all things needed to market your business. Why exactly do you need the use of cloud technology to help your business? Imagine this: You are the owner of an online academy that teaches students from different parts of the world in only a small office. Let’s see below how cloud technology can be helpful in different aspects:


With every teacher, you need to supply a set of computer complete with installed software. Instead of hiring a teacher to generate income, you need to spend quite a big capital just to install proper software licenses with every software your teachers use in their computers. Instead of generating income, you are spending more just to hire a group of teachers. Cloud companies, such as CloudWorks, can help in this situation. They can create a web-based application where all your teachers can access the software you need. You only need to pay an application to house all your software without having to pay for individual licenses for your teachers to use.


Not only do you save on capital, you can even monitor your teachers’ activities through the software you have had designed. You can monitor the progress of each teacher and even the development of your students. From a single application, you can easily generate computations and analysis to see which parts of your academy needs tweaking, changing or updates to provide a better service and even an efficient way for your teachers to go around in their business—which is helping your income grow by teaching.

Other than monitoring, there are much more benefits that cloud technology can offer you. Computers have a limit, more often than not they overload from the heavy load and duty. There will come a time that these individual computers will no longer be able to handle these loads and give up but with a single software, cloud technology can handle these loads instead.


Instead of installing a software into the computer, you just need internet to access your account. Even from far away—when you’re on a business trip or when you’re sick and can’t go to work—you can monitor the activities of your teachers from far away. You can easily access business files, documents and other functions you need to complete without having to bring yourself to the office.

With an internet-based business, you can even expand and hire online freelancers by just letting your new hires access the software online. With this, you can have a smoother sailing business with: a smaller office, saving on expensive leases; bigger workforce, saving up on wages since some of them work from home; lesser purchase for software licenses, saving your wallet quite a wad of cash.