Three trending colours for spring-summer 2019

Purple reigns as colour goes back to the 1980s

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Purple and beige are two colours that are dominating the catwalks for spring and summer 2019. Also thrown into the mix are pinks, silvers and sage greens.

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Purple has been appearing in a range of shades, from pastel lilacs to deep violets. It’s also a colour that looks back to the 1980s. It’s a colour linked to royalty and wealth, and many music fans will associate purple with the late and great Prince. Purple trousers, jackets, suits and knitwear have all been paraded on the catwalks – and better still, the colour suits both men and women.

If you’re new to wearing bold shades and you feel intimidated by making such a daring move, you can begin by introducing some small touches to your wardrobe. Think accessories or colour yourself purple with socks, shoes or even a backpack or handbag.

Pink has always been a go-to choice for women, as it’s a soothing muted shade which is aesthetically pleasing. There are so many shades of pink this season, from a light ballet hue, to a deeper rose colour. It’s set to be a popular choice for women throughout this summer.

Men, too, have embraced pink and in recent years, the pink shirt and tie were must-have items. Before pink came to prominence in the men’s fashion industry, it was a female-only colour, and it would never have made an outing in the men’s sections of department stores. There’s no doubting it’s a wonderful choice, and even if you don’t want to go bold in pink clothing, you can look suave and stylish in pink, thanks to accessories.

A maxi dress will keep you cool in summer

Choose one of the maxi dresses which are in vogue at the moment and you will definitely turn heads. A wide range is available from retailers such as, and there will be undoubtedly one to suit your style. According to the Yorkshire Post, the big colours for summer promise to be bold.

If you don’t want to go bold, you can play it safe with beige. From a trench coat for unexpected spring showers, to muted trousers and light jackets, you can wear beige in a variety of different ways. It’s a safe colour and it’s extremely versatile.