The Boss is off of the Rails

Of course when the phone rings at this time of the morning you know that it is not going to be a good thing. It took me about three minutes before I figured out who it was and it was a lot harder to figure out what he wanted, although I soon realized he needed his lawyer and a bailsman’s. He had apparently been able to find a blonde escort in Utah County without any help from me. The two of them had been having a really great night and he seems to have been completely wasted. It was lucky for him that the police only charged him with a few of the things that he did. The big thing was just drunk and disorderly, which used to be every weekend for a lot of guys I went to college with. The girl was apparently up for public lewdness too, although in fairness neither of them had their shirts on at the time that they were arrested. That did not seem fair, but it was thrown out almost at once.

In fact the entire thing is just going to be a nice pay day for the lawyer when it is all said and done. He will figure out a way for it all to just go away. I had almost nothing to do with the entire thing. I went to work and kept my mouth shut and so far no one else seems to know a thing about it. I am very sure that there is not an upside for me in spreading this sort of gossip. It would be pretty obvious where it came from if people started to talk about it, although I wonder how easily you can keep this sort of thing out of circulation when you have it in court records.