Seven Ways to Present Yourself in a Professional Manner

It is a fact that taking care of your appearance is as important as being highly qualified and keeping your training up to date. Even if you read the latest journals and are writing papers, don’t forget that first impressions count at the interview stage and in your continuing professional career.

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Your image will affect how people look upon you in your working life; you may think that it is your skills and values that count, but just face up to the stark reality of the situation. Slovenly dress indicates a slovenly attitude. Remember that in business it is necessary to compromise on comfort. You could even consider a make-over, which is not as an absurd an idea as you might think, as discussed in this article:

Here are some tips to make sure that you will not get caught out.

Wardrobe Upkeep

Keep clothes in tip-top condition, down to the detail of replacing missing buttons. Take relevant items to the dry-cleaners on a regular cycle. Make sure you have good-quality hangers and always put clothes straight back into the wardrobe when you change into more casual garments after work.

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Shoe Care

Keep shoes polished and repaired by the cobbler; men should use wooden shoe trees.

Shoe Choice

It goes without saying that quality is better than quantity when it comes to footwear. Pay a bit more for something stylish that will not wear out after a few uses.


Cleanliness of nails and a regular polish are important. You could even consider a professional manicure on occasions.


Pens, brief-cases and/or handbags should be of a quality to reflect the image you want to project. Consider leather or faux-leather covers for iPads and laptops.

Emergency Jackets

You may not want to wear your jacket all the time, but think what a bonus it will be if you have one permanently in your office to grab when you have a meeting or unexpected business lunch. We are not talking mens designer jackets here, just something which will adapt to any outfit. Get some ideas from


You are dressing for the benefit of your business clients, not your own comfort. You need clothes which fit well, are of an appropriate length and are not revealing. If in doubt, bin it.

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