How do F1 drivers deal with that urge to use the bathroom?

It may not be a question many of us have considered; however, with the average Formula 1 race lasting two hours, whether and how the drivers urinate during races is something the drivers themselves need to consider each time they sit in the driver’s seat.

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Racing is thirsty work

Keeping hydrated is essential for brain function; in addition, concentrating can cause excessive sweating. Drivers are also surrounded by heat generated from the car and wear fire-protective clothing that generates heat. Combined with the extremely physically demanding sport of racing, it is no wonder that Formula 1 is such thirsty work and that Formula 1 cars have a drink system installed. This involves a liquid bag that can pump fluid directly into the driver’s mouth through a feeding tube attached to the helmet. This is controlled by a button on the steering wheel.

The solution

Stopping for a comfort break is obviously not an option during a race, and neither is attempting to urinate into a container. Although Lewis Hamilton claims to have never needed to urinate during a race, he did admit that some drivers have to resort to either going in their race suit or wearing an adult-type nappy.

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Despite this less-than-glamorous insight into the world of Formula 1, it is considered one of the most exciting, adrenalin-fuelled sports in the world. Hamilton is chasing a fifth world championship and looking to further cement his place as Britain’s most successful-ever racing driver. Despite his success and popularity, he recently claimed that he is ‘anything but perfect’, adding that tennis champion Roger Federer comes pretty close in his book.

Lewis Hamilton

At the time of writing. Hamilton is 24 points clear of Sebastian Vettel in the Drivers’ Championship, with the 33-year-old Brit looking to extend his lead at the Belgian Grand Prix. This is the first race since the summer break – with nine races remaining, it is sure to be a spectacular event. For those who want to get close to the action, F1 hospitality packages are available from sporting events companies such as

Formula 1 will be introducing a minimum weight for drivers from next year. This is a change to the current rules that combine the weight of the car and driver.