Clearwell Caves – The Perfect Place to Visit on a Winters Day

As the winter starts to set in, many of us make the mistake of deciding to stay indoors and hibernate through the winter months. But there are still plenty of fun things to see in the great outdoors, even when the weather isn’t the best.

Getting out and about is important all year round – as the lack of daylight can make us feel worse for wear it is important to still go out and exercise to keep our minds and bodies healthy. It is also a great reason to update your winter wardrobe – treat yourself to some new winter fashions from somewhere like Calvin Klein menswear and you will want to head out and show off your new look.

One of the best places to head to when the weather is bad is Clearwell caves – this network of ancient caves under the Forest of Dean is a great day out and there is plenty to explore beneath the forest…

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The caverns have been mined for thousands of years here. They were used to extract iron ore from the ground, and the freeminers still have a right today to mine the rocks for the ores and the precious ochres found here.

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As well as ore, the caves are also a home to the local bats. Many of these bats are in decline in the UK so it is great news that they have a happy home in the caves – the species resident here includesLong eared bats and Greater Horseshoe bats.