What are the skills needed to thrive at University?

Going to University is the pinnacle of education. All those years of study and working hard from year 6 onwards have finally paid off. As you stand at the gates of your soon to be Alma Mater what is it that you need to make the next three or four years a total success and leave with at least a 2:1 or think about doing a Masters. One of the first things that you need to have done is chosen the right course to do. Don’t worry too much if you feel that you are in the wrong course, there is a good 3 week period of settling in. For example I know of one person who politely sat through the first introductory session of a subject then as soon as it was over went immediately to the course tutor of another subject to change straight away. The point is that the first thing you should have is confidence. You deserve to be here, you are going to have a large student debt to pay off after this is so you should be getting the education that you want.

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Secondly, make sure that you have in place a decent base of operations. If you are starting out in halls or have arranged a private rent then ensure that you have a proper study space in which to do it. Libraries become crowded very quickly and there is only limited space for access to computers. Do not leave it to chance to make sure you have what you need. For example working off a table or on your bed is not going to get you anywhere. What you need is a proper desk that you can call a work area. This is where you will research and find out the nuggets of information that you will use to write the three thousand word essays that you are expected to produce. It is where your great dissertation, all ten thousand words of it, will be created and stored in the University’s archive for those that follow you to read. Therefore you need Next day office furniture to provide you with the perfect desk and chair so that you can focus properly.

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Finally, you need to know the study skills. Get a wall planner. Visually create your weeks and months so that you know exactly where you are supposed to be. Make sure you know how to do the Harvard referencing system or the use of footnote and endnotes. Get to know your lecturers so that you can suss out what they like to see in the essay that you produce. Are they into plain speaking or do theory prefer a very academic approach to work. Must of all make sure that you are prepared to enjoy yourself as much as you can because this is a time that will never come again.

Best of luck to you all.