Equipment you might see inside a warehouse

We can all picture a warehouse – a large open building filled with racking and boxes. Busy comings and goings, with forklifts whizzing around and workers in high viz. How much do we really know about the types of equipment found in warehouses? Here are some of the most common:

Pallet Jack – This is a small truck or pump that can move materials that are stacked on pallets. The machine has two forks that can slip underneath the pallet which are then raised by the operator using a handle and pumping it with force.

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Order Pickers – This is a machine like a forklift but slightly smaller and capable of lifting heavier loads. They are mostly used to pick goods stored at height, usually between 10 and 30 feet.

Walkie Stacker – This is the next step up from a pallet jack. It has a similar design but comes in a motorised form. They are a cheaper option than a forklift truck and can be used to lift pallets up to a second shelf of a warehouse shelving system. They are good for use on concrete and indoor settings.

Sideloader – These are for loading and unloading from the side of machines and not the front as with forklifts and pallet jacks. Whilst not as easily moved around, they have benefits in narrows aisles, for example.

Conveyor belts – We have all seen these in supermarkets, for example. They are motorised belts that are used to transport things from one end of the warehouse to another for speed and efficiency.

Platform Truck – This is a basic platform and frame on wheels. If many items need to be moved, the platform can be stacked and wheeled to where it is required. This is a cheap and popular option for small to medium scale operations.

Storage Equipment – Whether storage needs to be for small components or large boxes, storage is found in all warehouses and each type of warehouse will have different needs. From pallet racking to industrial shelving, find out more about Shelving Ireland at a site like Rackzone

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Handheld devices – As well as storage and handling equipment, warehouse workers must be able to efficiently locate goods and know what’s available and what isn’t. This is normally achieved with the use of handheld devices that will contain information on pick lists and locators using warehouse software.

Strip Doors – These are a common sight in large spaces like warehouses as they lower the loss of heat or cooling required inside the environment. They are also effective for reducing dust flow and contamination from the outside into the warehouse environment.

Hoists – Hoists and cranes are further equipment you might see in a warehouse. Cranes can help reduce stress on operators for lifting and moving bulky items.